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Database still in upgrading process

Posted by saudagar on 13,November 2008

Upgrading the forum…
Don’t worry, we will be back shortly with an updated forum. It will only be a minute ;).

We’re sorry, it’s look like we need more than a minute.


4 Responses to “Database still in upgrading process”

  1. shumag said

    ada apaan lg sih, pake upgrade lg???

  2. saudagar said

    Our database is still using old format hence the forum is new format, so we’re upgrading to new database format. Thank you for waiting.

  3. Wiw.. baru tau ada blog nya XD *menunggu dg sabar upgradenya ^^

    ganbatte! semoga upgradenya sukses tanpa masalah apapun ^^

    (sori malas pake inggris komennya XD )

  4. saudagar said

    untuk blogspot silahkan berlabuh ke

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