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wacom mecha contest

Posted by saudagar on 17,February 2009

The community staff were sitting around our anti-gravity table wondering what our next contest should be. As we cruised pass Jupiter on the way to join our counterparts in the 5th Battalion of the Interplanetary Wacom Marketing Division, someone pointed out that the great cult classic Mobile Suit Gundam (among other names) will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of its first TV broadcast this year.

So, what if Wacom, being a human interface company, started offering mobile suits a few hundred years from now? What would they be like? Where and what would they be used for? How cool would they be?

**Wacom will retain manufacturing rights to these all designs submitted to this contest until the year 3001.

Note: All winners will be eligible for inclusion in Wacom advertising with artist credit, upon confirmation of hi-resolution photo.


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